Vietnam, Japan victims talk non-nuclear weapon world

A girl victim of Agent Orange spending her childhood in tears and pains and an 84-year-old woman from Japan’s Hiroshima city struggling against diseases caused by US atomic bomb have shared what they can do for a world free from nuclear and chemical weapons
The talk on a world without nuclear and chemical weapons in central Da Nang city on July 24 brought together municipal AO/dioxin victims and their visitors -- Japanese victims of the US atomic bombs who were aboard Japan’s Peace Boat, which anchored in the city in the morning of the same day. 
This event greeted the 40 th anniversary of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties. 
The talks made a call for social activists from both countries, AO/dioxin victims, as well as those working to seek justice for those victims to join hands to surmount war aftermaths along with making the world free from nuclear and chemical weapons. 
Da Nang youths were asked to get involved in the efforts, which also aim for their peer AO/dioxin victims and for the growing Vietnam-Japan friendship. 
The city has about 5,000 AO/dioxin victims, 1,400 of whom are children. 
Since 1983, the Japan-based international non-governmental organisation Peace Boat has worked for peace and sustainability in the world through global peace-promoting voyages. 
This is the 35 th time the Japanese Peace Boat moored in Da Nang city.

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